27 - 28 November, 2018 | Sydney

Trevor Goddard

Principle & Executive Director
Goddard & Associates

2:00 PM Leveraging Alumni and Student Exchange to Build Brand Recognition and Reputation

Trevor has extensive experience in international student recruitment, and recently has been appointed to the New Colombo Plan Reference Group. As part of the plan, Trevor has helped universities leverage and train student studying oversees to act as ambassadors to help promote brand reputation and recognition. He has also increased institutes student recruitment through alumni involvement and leveraging their experience to promote brand reputation and desirability.

In this session, Trevor will outline:
  • How exchange students provide a powerful and genuine perspective that can be harnessed to improve an institutes reputation
  • Providing training to student exchanges in order to create ambassadors that will increase the desirability of institutes
  • Creating an alumni network that promote the universities reputation and brand to future students

5:15 PM Enhancing International Student Recruitment through Alumni and Exchange Student Engagement

An effective suite of marketing options engages the genuine perspectives from relatable past and present student experiences. Harnessed effectively institutions can create an ecosystem of ambassadors that will uphold and represent its core values.
Furthermore, alumni and exchange students can actively promote the institutions brand, reputation and build an in-country presence.
In this workshop Trevor outlines how to generate institutional capacity to:

Learning Outcomes:
  • Generate future student recruitment by developing alumni engagement
  • Create institutional value through exchange students spending time in country
  • Develop marketing content that focuses on genuine personal student perspectives

Reasons to Attend:
  • Hear from an industry expert that has been appointed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to the New Colombo Plan
  • Discover the potential of student recruitment through untraditional and innovative methods
  • Discuss alumni and current student involvement with other colleagues from higher education institutes

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Trevor.

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