27 - 28 November, 2018 | Sydney

Jan Clohessy

Executive Director International Engagement
RMIT Vietnam

11:45 AM Looking Beyond Agents to Partnerships and Linkages to Boost International Student Recruitment

RMIT in Vietnam is unique as it doesn’t work with agents in international student recruitment. Their recruitment strategy is focused heavily on referrals, linkages with high schools, alumni and industry. These channels tend to build more meaningful engagement and increase conversion. This session will look at building and strengthening these connections.

  • Building linkages with high schools, parents, alumni and industry and creating a mutual beneficial partnership: Defining what they have to gain
  • Creating a seamless communication channels and maintaining these linkages
  • Identifying new opportunities to build your referral network

7:00 AM Leveraging your Data and Marketing Insights to Plan a More Effective Recruitment Strategy and Boost Conversion

This session will explore how you can tap into your data to create a more engaging recruitment strategy. It will primarily focus on marketing data but also delve into benefit of tapping into data from across the student lifecycle. It will discuss the challenges of making sure your data is clean, identifying key parameters to monitor and the impact on conversion. Learning Objectives:

  • Identifying key parameters to organize and monitor your data
  • Guidelines to ensure your data is clean
  • Impact of insights on conversion

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Jan.

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