28 - 29 November, 2017 | Sydney

Interactive Workshops: Tuesday The 28th & Wednesday The 29th of November 2017

Workshop A: Tuesday, 28th November 2017

5:15 pm - 6:45 pm Enhancing International Student Recruitment through Alumni and Exchange Student Engagement

Trevor Goddard, Principle & Executive Director,Goddard & Associates
An effective suite of marketing options engages the genuine perspectives from relatable past and present student experiences. Harnessed effectively institutions can create an ecosystem of ambassadors that will uphold and represent its core values.
Furthermore, alumni and exchange students can actively promote the institutions brand, reputation and build an in-country presence.
In this workshop Trevor outlines how to generate institutional capacity to:

Learning Outcomes:
  • Generate future student recruitment by developing alumni engagement
  • Create institutional value through exchange students spending time in country
  • Develop marketing content that focuses on genuine personal student perspectives

Reasons to Attend:
  • Hear from an industry expert that has been appointed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to the New Colombo Plan
  • Discover the potential of student recruitment through untraditional and innovative methods
  • Discuss alumni and current student involvement with other colleagues from higher education institutes

Trevor Goddard

Principle & Executive Director
Goddard & Associates

Workshop B: Wednesday, 29th November 2017

7:00 am - 8:30 am Optimising the ROI of Partnerships through Relationship and Performance Management

Gurpreet Singh, Director of Enrollment,Hult International Business School (India)
Agents typically account for between 50-60% of all international student recruitments in Australia. Maximising the quality and performance of these partnerships can significantly reduce academic support costs while also improving brand reputation. Gurpreet has successfully developed strategies based on relationship management, training and cultivating partnerships between private, government and higher education institutes. In this workshop Gurpreet will explain how to optimise partnership performance by:

Learning Outcomes:
  • Develop a performance management framework that incorporates attrition rates, conversion and quantity
  • Implement a streamline training system to maximise the performance of agents
  • Improve long-term ROI by improving engagement and involvement through relationships management

Reason to Attend:
  • Hear from an internationally renowned expert that specialises in strategies for developing new business in the Middle East, Australasia, North Asia, South Asia, and South East Asia
  • Improve your partnerships between not only agents but government and other higher education institutes
  • Hult International Business School is ranked 1st in the world for both “Student Diversity” and “Diversity of Recruiter”.

Gurpreet Singh

Director of Enrollment
Hult International Business School (India)