International Student Recruitment and Marketing Summit 2018

Enhancing International Student Acquisition through Partnerships, Digital Marketing and Analytics

The value of the international student market has increased 22 per cent since 2016 and is now worth $32.2 billion a year.

With the Federal government freeze on higher education spending, the focus is on international student recruitment to make up for the shortfall. But things are looking up with Australia set to overtake the UK as the most popular destination for international students. The number of international students seeking a university education in Australia is skyrocketing hitting 548,411 in April and surpassing domestic enrolments for the first time.

The growing reliance on international student enrolment and the threat of saturation continues to plague the industry. The challenge for Australian universities is creating a long term, sustainable international student recruitment strategy when faced with competition from Asia, the threat of declining Chinese demand and onshore competition. 

The 5th Annual International Student Recruitment conference will provide a forum for the architects of recruitment program to create a long term, diversified sustainable programs. It will focus on the importance of international partnerships, cross-departmental collaboration and technology in developing strategies.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Diversifying your International Recruitment Strategy : International linkages, Agent networks, Onshore recruitment and Direct Enrolments
  • Leveraging Marketing Automation and Omni-Channel Engagement to Increase Conversion
  • Tapping into your International Alumni Network to Better Engage with Prospective Students
  • Strategies to Capture and Sell your End-to-End Student Experience
  • Boosting your Agent Relationship through Training and Networking and Increasing Conversion Rates

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